Thursday, October 20, 2011


I got on the computer at 7:30 am began trying to figure stuff out and the next time I looked at my watch it was 12:45.  The whole morning shot to pieces and I didn't really accomplish that much.  I have a shop on Etsy, a Facebook account and a Twitter account.  Now I have to figure out how to tie all these together.
On Twitter I decided to follow Nathan Fillion, the hunk from Montreal who plays Castle.  Part of the morning gone.
Tomorrow I am off to the big Needlework Show in Toronto, will remember to take my camera, and hopefully will come away with some good pictures and some new ideas.  We'll see.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011


It has been a long time since I have posted anything, sorry but I lost interest in doing so, but now I am back and ready to go.  I have a shop on Etsy, an account with Facebook and a twitter account.  I am hoping to gain some recognition through these accounts to the items I make.  I have just signed up for an ad to run on Facebook for ten days, hope it works, if you see it please let me know.
For the last little while I have become fascinated with felting and have designed a number of handbags, please take a look and let me know your thoughts.
I also purchased a longarm quilting machine and am looking for business. I charge $150.00 for edge to edge on a queen size.  Other sizes are priced accordingly.
As I am now taking all this seriously I will try to post every day.

Sunday, January 23, 2011


This is finally finished, all except for the quilting and I am going to try to machine quilt it.  I have never machine quilted anything before, but there must be a first time, and this is it.  Will publish a picture when completely finished.

Friday, January 21, 2011


This is the perfect example of what a difference a little embroidery can make.  My last entry showed the grape area as a blue blob, now see what a difference, we have grapes.
A little more embroidery, the hands were really the most difficult part.  I now understand why the old paintings never showed the hands, they are difficult.   I have to clean up my markings, press it and then square it up.  I have the material that I am going to frame it with.  Will show the final before I start quilting. This wall hanging does need a name or should I stick with the grape carriers?

The other night at our guild meeting we were all given a new challenge.  This is based on the old idea of a telephone line, tell the first person a line and then have the rest of the people repeat this line and you will see how much it has changed by the time it reaches the end.  There are six people in the quilt challenge, the first person is given a picture that they have to interpret as a wall hanging, block or what ever (the group agrees on what they will make).  They are given two months to complete this and then they pass it along to person #2, who in turn will give their interpreation of the item they have just received.  #2 will have 2 months and then will pass their item to #3 and return the wall hanging they received back to #1.  By the time it has gone thru 6 different people it will take a year and I bet there will be no relation to the original picture.  I was chosen as person #1 but can't show the picture I received until I have finished my wall hanging.  I know what I am going to do and will show the wall hanging later.

Also I was in out local quilt shop the other day and bought the greatest book as sashiko quilting.  I bought all the supplies and was anxious to get started, but along came the above challenge, so will have to put this on the back burner for a while.

I spent the last few days working on the Wedding Star, this is impossible.  I am an appliquer and my piecing leaves a great deal to be desired.  Not all of the blocks are the same size which makes it impossible to put together.  I have put it back on the shelf for the time being, maybe forever, we'll see.